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Science View Publications is a leading publishing house in the field of science, especially in Mathematics. The aim of this organization is to publish learning materials for all classes of academic studies. The company has started its journey at 2012. It is now a publisher of dozens of books within the short period of time and numerous books are in pipeline. Though the house is now concentrating on honors and masters courses in mathematics, we will develop our other sections also.

Our Dedicated Staff:

Designation/Post Assigned Person
Proprietor B M Obaydul Haque
Nilufer Yeasmin
Director (Finance, Sales & Marketing) B M Obaydul Haque
Director (Production & Admin) Nilufer Yeasmin
Marketing Department Md. Al-Amin Sheikh (Coordinator)
Muhammad Sakib Khan
Md. Rafiqul Islam
Shahadullah Hossain
Admin Department Ashik Alahi
Production Department T. M. Hadiuzzaman Liton (Coordinator)
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Sales Department Ashik Alahi
Distribution Department Uzzwal Mondal (Coordinator)
Ziaur Rahman
Akash Mollah
Quality Control Department Md. Shafiqul Islam (Coordinator)
IT Department Md. Imran Shaikh (Coordinator)
Muhammad Sakib Khan
T. M. Hadiuzzaman
Uzzwal Mondal
Research & Development Department Antora Kabiraj
Mehedi Hasan (Coordinator)
Rahima Khatun Nipa
Fahmida Ferdausi
Amit Kumar Saha
Md. Tauhiduzzaman
Nayma Ferdhus Liza
Author Communications Department Antora Kabiraj
Office Assistant Md. Shafiqul Islam
Ziaur Rahman
Akash Mollah